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The investment made in the personnel is actually the best one made in the company!

Our company is well aware of the fact that the investment made in the personnel is actually the best and most clever investment made in the company itself. Therefore we give great importance to the training needs of our personnel both in terms of internal training and external training by applying intensive programs for this need. We aim at making our leadership continuous and lasting that we have had for many years in the field of hand tools in the building and construction sectors by use of our personnel well equipped with the training that we have been providing for them.

A Performance Appraisal System is utilized by our company in order that we can measure the performance that they show, determine the specific areas for which they have training needs, and finally determine the rates of increase to be applied on their salaries and wages. For each and every decision to be made with respect to our personnel the first priority is to refer to the Performance Appraisal System that we make use of with regard to their level of performance. We first refer to their performance appraisal as to such decisions as increases in their salaries and wages, their promotion, changes in their positions and duties, possibilities for taking part in training sessions, and similar issues and subjects.

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