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Research and Development

tarihçe Our Technology : HASSAN is resuming the leadership position in the sector just because; continue to developments and innovation philosophy also in R&D studies. The R&D studies at HASSAN comprise of product and process designs. Our R&D department serves Production-Sales-Customer, very qualified staffs who have many years experiences in product and machine designs.In order to meet the demands and expectations of both domestic and international customers at the highest level, and also in order that to realize our product quality at the international standards, the machine and equipments included in the manufacturing processes are being designed and manufactured as per the mechatronics design principles at our R&D department. The machines which are designed at our R&D department and manufactured by us form 70% of our machinery park. Especially in welding and centering technology, upon the spring steels and stainless steels which are imported from abroad and have special specifications, by means of robotized welding systems the manufacturing processes are being carried out by developing sector specific welding and centering methods.

Its render-trowelled welding technology has been registered with the static bending and dynamic fatigue test carried out Istanbul Technical University.

Hassan together this R&D and Technology understanding submits its products in high quality as well as a suitable price and seamless service concept to the benefit of its customers.

Our Design : Nowadays those we live the technology era in, the product development process attracts our attention as one of the most dynamic fields of the recent years in related with the manufacturing. The requirement of international competitive circumstance continuous novelty and development puts its process into an extremely agile and responsive management position in respect to the daily changing attitudes and the preferences of the end-users and makes it necessary. In parallel with these evolving, day after day by sensing the fluctuations at the market as quickly as possible, it enables to take the necessary precautions and following this, to provide the required technical sufficiency in order to meet the customer demands which can have a diversified nature. The substantial strategy of Hassan here is that by including the customers themselves to combine the customer needs with the corporate capabilities and to think in a proactive manner.

Hassan designs the products of which it manufactures them internally, at the R&D Department. Hassan believes that it has been differentiated in the products that it designed itself in respect to its specifications such as product aesthetics, functionally and usage compatibility from the similar products. For the products designed and manufactured within the frame of such approach it has the product designs and patent studies TPE registered.

Hassan conducts all these activities as the new product development process in parallel to design process, concept development, technological and economical feasibility studies, formation of process inputs, design developments and designs verification, prototype manufacturing, establishing the manufacturing process, trial manufacturing and realization of the test, troubleshooting after sales.